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Birthstones, what is your TRUE birthstone?

List of Birthstones for Each Month

Who decided the list of birthstones for each month?
On August 12, 1912, the American National Retail Jewellers Association arbitrarily decided on a list of birthstones for each month, adding to or changing many of the traditional stones to those more commercially viable. In other words, a month was allocated to the stones which would make them most money. In 1938 the American Gem Society adopted this list for use by its members.
The idea of birthstones is however, rooted in fact.  The exact time of birth, not merely month,  indicates which gems are most beneficial for us as individuals. Over 5000 years ago the rishis, (translates from Sanskrit as "seers"), understood the correlations and underlying unity of all things. Through astrological science, Divine revelation and mystic vision they established the original Vedic astrology and actual idea of birthstones.

Something for the understandably sceptical among us to consider, is that they recorded complex calculations that precisely plotted the orbits of the planets, long before modern telescopes.

If you want to experience the genuine transformational properties of gems, the list of birthstones for each month has to be seen for what it is - a scam. Is it really possible to enhance our health or relationships based on the marketing strategies of the jewellery industry?

Each planet rules and resonates with their respective gems and by strengthening well placed planets with the appropriate gem, all areas ruled by that planet are enhanced. Talismans of this type have been used and recorded by many ancient civilizations. Gemstones have always been considered precious and attributed metaphysical qualities.

If jewelry industry just made up a list of birthstones for each month,
how do we know which gems are genuinely beneficial birthstones?

Your Birthstone (traditional, ancient and modern) - see table below.
January : Garnet , Ruby, Rose Quartz , Onyx

February : Amethyst , Onyx , Jasper

March : Aquamarine ,Tourmaline, Blood jasper, Quartz

April : Zircon , Quartz , Sapphire, Diamond

May : Emerald , Chrysoprase , Agate

June : Pearl , Moonstone, Agate

July : Ruby , Carnelian, Onyx

August : Peridot , Onyx , Carnelian

September : Sapphire , Chrysolite , Peridot

October : Opal , Pink Tourmaline

November : Topaz , Citrine , Smoky Quartz, Tiger's eye , Cat's eye and Amethyst

December : Turquoise, Zircon , Blue Topaz, Ruby
Your Zodiac Stone -
Aries - 21/3 - 20/4
Red Jasper , Carnelian
Taurus - 21/4 - 20/5
Carnelian , Rose Quartz
Gemini - 21/5 - 21/6
Citrine , Tiger's Eye
Cancer - 22/6 - 22/7
Chrysoprase, Aventurine
Leo - 23/7 - 23/8
Rock Crystal , Goldquartz
Virgo - 24/8 - 23/9
Citrine, Yellow Agate
Libra - 24/9 - 23/10
Citrine, Smoky Quartz
Scorpio - 24/10 - 22/11
Sagittarius - 23/11 - 21/12
Sapphire, Chalcedony
Capricorn - 22/12 - 20/1
Onyx, Quartz, Cat's Eye
Aquarius - 21/1 - 19/2
Turquoise , Hawk's Eye
Pisces - 20/2 - 20/3
Amethyst, Bloodstone, Quartz

Your stone according to Numerology
This stone is based on your life path number according to numerology. To find out what number represents your life path do the following calculation:
Add the numbers from your day of birth
Add the numbers from your month of birth
Add the numbers from your year of Birth
Add the results of the final numbers for the day, month and year of birth
If the final number is composed of 2 digits reduce by adding them. This is your life path number.
10 = 1+0= 1
11= 1+1= 2
1970=1+9+7+0= 17
1+2+17= 20
2+0= 2
Find the stone for your number
Basic Signification
Courage and Strength
Rutilated Quartz
Security, Diplomacy, Self-Confidence
Communication and Creativity
Green Quartz (Aventurine)
Balance, Stability, Well Being
Peace, Courage and Tolerance
Blue Quartz
Harmony and Light
Inner Light and Spirituality
Material Success, Self-Confidence and Intellectuality
Rose Quartz
Unconditional Love and Friendship
Birth Month
Modern Birthstones
Traditional Birthstones
Mystical Birthstones
Ayurvedic Birthstones

Birthstone Zodiac Signs
Birthstone Zodiac signs are the astrological version of the monthly birthstones that symbolize the month of birth in the Gregorian Calendar. The Birthstone Zodiac signs use the twelve zodiac signs instead of the twelve calendar months. Every sign of the zodiac is ruled by one of the planets in the Solar system and each planet rules over specific gemstones according to their color. The following chart, or list, contain details of each of the Zodiac Signs and the various gem stones that are the closest to vibrate to their particular Zodiac Sign.

Twelve Zodiac Signs
The signs of the Zodiac are used to cast Horoscopes from astrological calculations which are used as a guide to personality, relationships and business affairs. The twelve Zodiac signs represent the "houses" or divisions into which the heavens are charted by the astrologer. The Zodiac signs represent the placement in the sky where the sun was during the time of birth. The twelve signs of the Zodiac are Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius and Pisces. Each sign of the Zodiac influences people who were born between certain dates. Life predictions are upon the position of the planets in the "twelve houses " at the moment of the birth. The signs of the Zodiac change on, or about, the 22nd of every month. Every sign of the zodiac is ruled by one of the planets in the Solar system and each planet rules over specific gemstones according to their color. The energies associated with each planet are affected by a classical element to which the sign belongs to either fire, earth, air, or water. The gemstones assigned to each of the Zodiac signs are believed to influence both positive and negative personality traits and characteristics.

Here is a link to an interesting site that will help you find your true birthstone . BirthstoneFinder - Find your Birthday Birthstones 


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