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Therapeutic Gemstones for Pain Relief

Therapeutic Gemstones for Pain Relief
Immediate and long-term pain relief is possible by wearing the following therapeutic gemstones:

Brings soothing energy and gentle release to an area that's tight or inflamed. 

Dark Green Aventurine
Can help relieve muscle cramps and tension and accelerate overall healing. 

Brings soothing life energy to a painful area and works well as a first aid treatment for strains and sprains.

Eases chronic pain and dispels the energies that exacerbate it. 
How to Use Therapeutic Gemstones
Two Ways to Use
Therapeutic Gemstone Necklaces 
Bracelets are also very helpful and the same techniques can be applied to bracelets 

Gemstone energy medicine offers a wide range of therapeutic tools based on the gemstone sphere. It also offers many techniques for using rounded gemstones therapeutically. One of the most powerful ways to experience the healing properties of gems is to string them together in the form of a necklace. A therapeutic gemstone necklace is a highly versatile tool that you can use in two primary ways:       

1. Wearing the necklace around your neck
When you wear a necklace of gemstone around your neck, their energies radiate in all directions, deeply penetrating your body and aura, or energetic field. There, the gems work on neutralizing the energetic blockages that limit positive growth and lead to ill health. At the same time, the gemstones’ energies uplift and nourish all aspects of your being to energize and inspire you, enhance your health, and make enduring changes.
The advantages of using therapeutic gemstones in this way are many. A gemstone- necklace worn around your neck silently works for you as you go about your daily activity and even when you’re sleeping at night. The gemstones work continually and ever more deeply on that which holds you back from the health, happiness, and well-being you desire.
2. Placing the necklace on an area of your body
While wearing a therapeutic necklace around your neck is a powerful and convenient way to enjoy its benefits, it is just one way to experience them. In most cases, you can use the same necklace in other ways to focus the gemstones’ energies for various purposes.
You can also apply therapeutic gemstone necklaces in many other ways for a myriad of focused therapies. For example, you can place certain necklaces around your head or on your chakras, palms, or soles of your feet to produce specific results. Still other ways to use necklaces include contemplative and diagnostic technique ways to reveal the causes of a condition and thus take the first steps toward healing it.

Enhancing Your Experience of Therapeutic Gemstones

Here are some additional suggestions for getting the most from your therapeutic gemstone necklaces:
Wear the necklace continually.
When working with a therapeutic gemstone necklace, it is most effective to keep it in your aura constantly—no more than three feet away from your body. This will allow the gemstones to maintain a strong energetic connection with your body and aura.
During the day
Wear the necklace at all times during the day, except when bathing, swimming, or performing vigorous physical activity, such as exercise.
While sleeping
If the necklace is longer than 20 inches, to prevent thread breakage, take the necklace off and lay it in the bed next to you or on a nearby nightstand. (I put mine under my pillow)

Cleanse the necklace regularly!

As therapeutic gemstones help us release energetic impurities and blockages, some of these released energies cling to the surface of the gemstones. These disharmonious energies quickly build up on the surface of the gems, inhibiting their ability to work at peak capacity.
Regular cleansing clears these energies and restores the gemstones to their naturally vibrant state. Several minutes of care given regularly will keep your therapeutic gemstones vital and ready to help you take your next step in growth and healing.

Practice presence when you put on a necklace.

With therapeutic gemstones, as with all energy medicine therapies, your intent and openness to change can assist the healing process. By consciously cooperating with the process of change initiated by the gemstones, you can greatly enhance their effects. Presence is the quality of being fully in the moment, when the mind is not divided by thinking about other things.
To practice presence with therapeutic gemstones, introduce them to your body and aura with openness, gratitude, and the clear intent to experience the gems’ benefits. When you put on a new therapeutic necklace or one that you haven’t worn for a while, bring it into your aura with a brief procedure that will deepen your connection with it:
1. Hold the necklace in your hand and gaze at it for a few moments. Allow its color and energy to enter your being through your eyes. Take  in its essence.
2. Welcome the necklace’s energy. Open your heart and all aspects of yourself to the gemstones' energy. Acknowledge your willingness to change and to accept the process of healing and release.
3. Introduce the gemstones to your body by touching the necklace to three therapeutic windows for a few seconds each:
The navel
Acupuncture point SP 21 on the left side of your body only (at nipple level under the armpit)
Acupuncture point CV 21 (1.5 inches below the throat notch in the upper breastbone)
4. Hold the necklace directly in front of your chest at arm's length, and very slowly bring it to your heart. As you do, energetically breathe in the gemstones’ energy. Hold the gemstones on your heart for a moment, and let their energy penetrate even more deeply.
5. Place the necklace around your neck.

Wearing Multiple Necklaces:
The Rule of Three

Some recommend wearing a maximum of three therapeutic gemstone necklaces at one time. Wearing more than three necklaces simultaneously can provide too many energetic influences for you to absorb effectively.
Ideally, when wearing multiple necklaces, they should be of different lengths, so that your body and aura can interact with each necklace clearly. A solid Lavender necklace is the one exception: it can be worn in the same length as another necklace, and it can be worn as a fourth necklace.

Selecting Necklaces to Wear

Here are two approaches you can use to choose which necklaces to wear on a given day. No matter how many necklaces you have, you can adapt these two approaches to your personal gemstone pharmacy.
Approach 1: Daily fine-tuning

In this approach, you fine-tune which necklaces you wear each day as your needs and goals change.

Approach 2: Focusing on an issue

If you wish to address a more deep-seated issue or condition, and you’ve obtained one or more therapeutic necklaces to help meet your goal, it’s advisable to wear those necklaces for a prolonged period—i.e., several weeks or months. This will allow the gemstones’ energies to work continually on ever more deeply seated blockages and energetic patterns to root out the causes of the condition or issue and make profound changes. This is the best approach for chronic pain
This doesn’t mean that you can’t remove the necklace for a while if another, more acute need arises.

  Caring for Your Therapeutic Gemstones
 In addition to regular cleansing, they require some special care to maintain their vitality and effectiveness. With proper care, most therapeutic gemstones will continue producing their therapeutic benefits indefinitely.

Basic Care Guidelines
When not in use, store cleansed gemstones in a drawer, covered container, or jewelry roll.
Handle all therapeutic gemstones with care. store them separately.

Practices to Avoid
Avoid storing gemstones near strong electromagnetic fields, such as those emitted by televisions and computers, which can disrupt the gemstones’ energies.
Avoid exposing gemstones to x-rays, such as at the dentist, in a hospital, or at an airport security station. X-rays will be absorbed by the gemstones and released later into the user’s aura.
Avoid wearing gemstones in chlorinated swimming pools or hot tubs. Chlorine adversely affects the surface of certain gems.
Avoid smoking and wearing synthetic perfume when wearing therapeutic gemstones, especially porous stones. The fumes can interfere with the free flow of a gemstone’s energy.

The information here is presented to you to use as you see fit, but is not to take the place of professional medical advice.  Crystals, Gemstones and Metal can accent, help, negate, protect, encourage, strengthen, and balance and thereby promote healing.  Their effects can be extraordinary, but use in addition to medical advice, and not as a substitute for proper care. If you are ill, we beseech you to seek professional medical attention from a qualified physician.

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