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Hawk's Eye

Hawk's Eye

Hawk's Eye is the name given to blue or blue-gray Tiger Eye and, like golden Tiger Eye, it is a silicified asbestiform crocidolite (crocidolite with strands of asbestos running through it, which over time have been replaced with Quartz. The fine layers of Quartz crystals within Hawk's Eye reflect light and give the stone its characteristic silky sheen. The most important source of stone is South Africa, but it is also found in India, Myanmar, Sri Lanka, Western Australia, Brazil and California. Hawk's Eye is also known as Blue Tiger Eye, Falcon's Eye, Rodusite and Silicified Crocidolite.

Riebeckite (sodium iron magnesium silicate hydroxide) is a dark blue mineral with several different forms. One of these, called Crocidolite, contains long, thin fibers of asbestos. Occassionally, under the right conditions, Crocidolite can be 'pseudomorphed' and the fine layers of asbestos are replaced atom by atom with silica (Quartz). The Crocidolite surrounding the asbestos is not changed during the process, but the reflective properties of the layers of Quartz cause the stone to become chatoyant. If there is iron present during the process the Crocidolite takes on a golden brown color (Tiger Eye), if not it retains its original dark blue color (Hawk's Eye). Deposits of Crocidolite are found in iron formations in South Africa and Western Australia, where it is mined in large quantities and provides much of the world's supply of asbestos.

All Tiger Eye, including Hawks' Eye, is chatoyant (from the French for 'cat's eye'). Chatoyancy is a silky, shimmering reflection, and in Hawk's Eye it is an optical effect caused when light hits the fine layers of replacement Quartz grains. A dictionary definition of chatoyancy is: "A polished surface that when turned towards the light often shows a series of lustrous bands alternating with bands of duller colour which show little silkly lustre. A change in the angle of light results in a reversal of the conditions, the dark bands becoming lustrous and the lustrous bands becoming dark." The chatoyancy of Hawk's Eye can be greatly improved by cutting and polishing and it is a popular material for carvings, beads and cabochons designed to show off the stone's beautiful shimmer to best effect. Although artificially enhanced or fake Hawk's Eye is rare in the jewelry trade, pale, low grade stones are occasionally cut and dyed vivid green, blue or black. If struck sharply Hawk's Eye can chip or break along existing fracture lines inside the stone, so although it is reasonably tough it should always be treated with care. Jewelers recommend using a polishing cloth to clean Hawk's Eye, and warn against using alcohol, steam or ultrasonic gem cleaners.

With its rich blue color and fascinating shimmer it is no wonder Hawks Eye is associated with
the Throat Chakra and the ability to communicate honestly and effectively. Keeping a piece of Hawk's Eye close can remind you to speak with integrity and express your highest truth in all situations. Working with this stone can help you find the courage needed to trust your inner wisdom and intuition and it is useful if you want to make an honest inventory of who you are, what you are and where you are going in life. Hawk's Eye and Tiger Eye complement each other and seem to work well together in charms and crystal magic. Hawk's Eye can help you visualize your spiritual and material goals, Tiger Eye can help you turn the blueprints in your imagination into practical plans that will allow you to manifest your visions in the 'real' world.

Hawk's Eye is a Shamanic stone, helpful to anyone undertaking magical journeys, astral travel or spiritual challenges. Meditation with this stone can help you to understand and accept change and death, and learn to 'go with the flow' rather than fighting against the inevitable. It is a useful stone if you are working with grief and encourages the understanding that death is not the end, but rather a new beginning. Hawk's Eye is also used in rituals and meditation to help connect to the energy of past lives, Ancestor Spirits and the 'Mighty Dead' (enlightened spirits who remain here to offer guidance and support to those who ask).

Crystal Properties - Hawk's Eye

Color: Mid to dark blue. Chatoyant and reflective. Sometimes grey or greenish bands.

Associated Crystals: Angelite, blue quartz and sapphire.
Candle Color: Mid-blue.
Chakra: Brow.
Element: Air.
Flowers & Plants: Mint, lupin and larkspur.
Herbs - Incenses - Oils: Agrimony, aloe vera, rosemary and sandalwood.
Planet: Jupiter.
Zodiac: Sagittarius.
Metaphysical Properties & Uses:

Animals: Hawk's eye is especially good for all birds of prey and generally good for all birds.
Children: Use to alleviate fear of flying.
Environment: Use for any conservation work involving birds.
Finance & Prosperity: -
Health & Healing: Use for eye problems especially those involving focus. Good for sinus congestion. Helps relieve spine and neck problems.
Home: Use to expand your horizons at home.
Love: -
Protection: Helps healers protect against the negative energy of others. Protective when traveling in hill country or mountains.
Psychic: Hawk's eye is the best stone for astral travel, clairvoyance and remote viewing.
It Is The Stone Of: Air travelers.

Work: Use to expand your horizons at work. It will help bring new opportunities at work or the possibility of transfer to a new location.
Other: Also known as falcon's eye and blue tiger eye. It is the unoxidized form of brown tiger eye.


  1. What do you mean by "It Is The Stone Of: Air travelers"?
    Also, which other stones compliment (or are compatible with) Hawk's Eye?

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