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Tiger’s Eye

Tiger’s Eye

Tiger's eye  is a chatoyant gemstone that is usually a metamorphic rock that is a golden to red-brown color, with a silky luster. A member of the quartz group, it is a classic example of pseudomorphous replacement by silica of fibrous crocidolite (blue asbestos). An incompletely silicified blue variant is called Hawk's eye.
Tiger's eye gemstone combines the grounding energy of the earth with the elevating energy of the sun. What are the properties of this unique crystal?
A member of the quartz family of crystals, tiger's eye is a beautiful gemstone found in the United States, Mexico, India, Australia, and Africa. In its natural form it is slightly shiny with fibrous bands of reds, browns, yellows, and golds. Although often appearing with more earthy hues, there are red tiger's eye and blue tiger's eye stones as well. What are the benefits of wearing a tiger's eye crystal as jewelry or meditating with this gemstone?

The Symbolic Meaning, Mystical and Healing Properties of Tiger's Eye Gemstone.

Understanding the meaning of tiger's eye stones is a matter of looking at the physical properties of this crystal. The deep brown color represents the connection with the grounding, stabilizing, practical energies of the earth. The slight shine and golden hues of this quartz crystal banded with the deeper brown represent a unique bonding with intuitive, creative, solar energy.

 Tiger's eye gemstone is a stone of physical manifestation and clarity. It combines the ability to manifest your will in the material world with the aid of earthy perception and practicality, with the self-confidence and positive energy of the sun. Clarity comes from the tiger's eye crystal's properties to unite perception and awareness into a coherent, streamlined whole.
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The properties of this gemstone are well-suited for those who tend to dream and come up with ideas, but have consistent trouble with actually clarifying and manifesting intentions. Scattered thoughts are brought together, personal talents and abilities are recognized, and a clear path is laid out in order to actually act and accomplish goals with tiger's eye crystal. Those who could be described as spaced-out can use the metaphysical energy of this stone for grounding and for a realistic, yet very positive, understanding of the material world. Tiger's eye allows one to discern between wishes and needs. This stone can be placed over the navel chakra for grounding energy.

The properties of tiger's eye are not only useful for the dreamers of the world. For the doers and those with a earthier disposition, this stone can be used to enhance psychic ability and raise vibrations if held over the third eye chakra. Tiger's eye gemstone has traditionally been considered as a protective stone, like jasper or kunzite crystal, warding of negative energy and ill will for the wearer. It is also good for recognizing the greater beauty found in the world, facilitating a deep appreciation through awareness of the divine that is found in everyday life.


With its vibrant golden color, tiger-eye is used to increase wealth and vitality. It enhances courage, brings passion and physical strength, and allows these attributes to be tempered with mental clarity and a joyful outlook.

As a power stone Tiger Eye has a wonderful reputation for attracting wealth, money and luck. However it has some powerful spiritual uses as well. The liquid movement of light across the stone makes it an excellent tool for vision or divination work.

Historically Tiger Eye has been used in protective medicine. Roman soldiers would wear engraved stones during battle; it is especially helpful against dark magic. A good luck stone, it is also used for discerning the truth in any situation; it can help with understanding of any cycle through which one is living.
Healing eye disorders is one of the most common medicinal uses associated with Tiger eye. It can help slow the flow of energy through the body which makes the gem very helpful in stress related illnesses, but also may create an issue if you do not want to stem your not wear jewelry containing tiger's eye for too many consecutive days.

Red tiger's eye 

is useful in slowing down the third chakra and flushing out excess energy. Tiger's eye in general is an emotional balancer that soften stubbornness and gives clear insight. It will ground and center,:

Energy: Projective
Element: Fire
Powers: Money, protection, courage, energy, luck, divination

Ruled by the sun and possessing a golden flash of light, this stone is worn to strengthen convictions and create courage and confidence. It is a warm stone, and it promotes energy flow through the body when worn. It is quite beneficial to the weak or sick. Connection with will and personal power.


Associations: Sun

Not a Traditional Birthstone for any Month

Stone of Capricorn and Leo, it balances the male and female energies. To dream of the tiger's eye symbolizes a need to keep alert; someone or something is hiding the truth behind of veil of illusion.

Chakra Classification:

Using Tiger Eye with your lower chakras (1st, or Root/Base Chakra, 2nd, or Sacral/Navel Chakra, 3rd, or Solar Plexus Chakra) can bring about a balance of energy between mental and physical health.

If you constantly worry over your health, this stone can prevent hypochondria and psychosomatic illnesses. Tiger Eye can also bring calm to stressful environments.

Done of the information on this blog is to be used to replace any medical needs.  


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