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Heliodor The Golden Beryl

Golden beryl gemstone

Heliodor or Golden Beryl

Most gem buyers are well acquainted with the most famous members of the beryl family -- emerald and aquamarine. Some are also familiar with the salmon pink beryl known as morganite (after the American banker and gem collector, J.P. Morgan). But there is a lesser known member of the beryl family which is actually the most available and affordable: golden beryl.

The first major deposit of the yellow golden beryl was found in Namibia in 1913 by a German mining company. They named it heliodor from the Greek for "gift from the sun," and hired a famous designer, Lucas von Cranach, to create a fabulous set of jewelry for Kaiser Wilhem II of Germany and his wife. Heliodor gained international fame as a result, but it proved to be shortlived as the war intervened. Heliodor was soon forgotten.

Additional deposits of golden beryl have been discovered in Brazil and Madagascar and these gems are now widely available. They tend to have excellent clarity and can often be found in larger sizes. The use of the term "heliodor" seems to have declined somewhat, and there is in fact some disagreement over the uses of the terms "heliodor" and "golden beryl."

According to one well-known gemological reference (Walter Schumann, Gemstones of the World), the term heliodor refers to the light yellow-green color of beryl. However, Schumann goes on to note that "since there is no clear distinction possible in the yellow and green-yellow tones in comparison to golden beryl, heliodors are generally rejected as an independent precious beryl variety and rather are counted among the weak-colored golden beryls.
Golden beryl has a hardness of 7.5 to 8 on the Mohs scale, so it is suitable for all kinds of jewelry. Golden beryl colors range from the weak yellow-green of heliodor to lemon-yellow and golden-yellow. The coloring agent is iron.

Golden beryl deposits have been found in Brazil, Madagascar, Namibia, Nigeria, Sri Lanka and Zimbabwe. Probably the largest cut golden beryl in the world is the flawless 2,054 carat stone on display in the Hall of Gems in the Smithsonian Institution in Washington, D.C.

The Greeks believed that heliodor contained the power and warmth of the sun and that it was responsible for the alternation of day and night.  This strong belief is reflected in the name itself, for the Greek meaning of heliodor is "gift of the sun". 
This gemstone was at some point forgotten completely, and only recently rediscovered.
Heliodor is a comforting stone, it assists one in empathizing with others and to feel comfortable doing so.  It is a high energy stone, resonating with the pituitary glands, and aids in spiritual and psychic development.
It is a wonderful stone to wear if you are having difficulty understanding the problems of a close friend or family member.  BY holding the stone in your hand while you are with this person, you may feel their emotional needs and better understand what is upsetting or troubling them.

To prevent chording, from this person to your aura, also wear or hold a piece of red jasper.  Later ground yourself with clear quartz or one of the stones associated with the Earth element.

Psychologically, heliodor bring equilibrium to the wearer and give them courage for life and living.  It promises the wearer charisma and personality.  It can stimulate the mind and promote a clear head, especially in negotiations and mentally demanding work.
Heliodor is good for clearing the body of toxins. It has a stimulating effect on the vegetative nervous system and a particularly beneficial effect on the solar plexus. It is known to counteract the over-reactions and hyperactivity of the general body.  Heliodor water eases stiff muscles and muscle cramps.

Energy: Receptive
Element: Fire
Powers: Psychic

Beryl has been worn to prevent fascination, or what would today be called deliberate psychic manipulation, such as practiced by evangelists, some salespersons and politicians.  This is also called being tagged or corded, when an individual attaches an astral line to your astral body, generally through the solar plexus (3rd) chakra.  Through this cord they may be able to drain your energy and even manipulate your actions if they posses enough strength.

If this happens, tape a small piece of tumbled beryl over your navel and leave in place for as long as it takes to break the cording, generally a full 24 hours.
Keep a heliodor on your altar or with your meditation equipment to aid in the development of your psychic powers and spiritual communications.

I hope you enjoyed a peek into the world of Heliodor the Golden Beryl
Tomorrow beryl will be Morganite the last beryl gem in my beryl post.

Peace :)


  1. Hi.
    I've just read your post re the Heliodor Beryl.
    The reason I found your post is that I was looking for the meaning of Heliodor : It is the name given to the colour of my Mercedes-Benz, and I had not heard of it before.
    I am so pleased, because I remember the day I saw a photo of the car (online) I was instantly attracted to the colour and no other would do ! ( Please note that I am not at all a hedonistic person. A car is a car... used for transport. This is an old model M-B, and honestly it was the colour that drew me.)
    Your description of the psychological aspects of this gemstone matches delightfully with the ambiance I feel when I am in my car and I will now look for a piece of Heliodor to wear on my person.... Thank you, and warmest wishes to you. Liza G

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