Friday, June 7, 2013

Gemstones for depression

Gemstones for depression

Today I would like to talk about using gemstones and crystal to help with depression. By no means does the use of any gemstone replace any medical advice. They are list here for your consideration to add to your healing program.
I started the research for gemstones  for depression when a dear family member became seriously depressed in hopes of helping them.
For depression and anxiety:. I suggest either wearing a piece, touching your skin, or keeping one with you all the time as a touch stone whenever the feelings start to hit you. Aquamarine is another good one to use as a touch stone, especially useful if you suffer from panic attacks.
The better the quality the more the gemstone will help 





Tigers eye

Clear Crystal Quartz



Black Tourmaline


Lapis Lazuli




The modern age has witnessed a number of people turning to age old remedies for new diseases. One such example is that of depression. While science battles the effect of gemstones on the body and brushes it off as more of a mental stimulation, there are many people who live to tell how a particular gem stone helped them fight depression. The use of various gem stones to fight depression has been around for a while.

It is believed that the body gets physically and mentally prepared to act against the self destroying forces. Prior to the onset of depression on a greater level, there is no harm in trying out the effect of various gem stones to fight depression. This heightened response helps to elevate the resources in the body to help it to function normally. The healing power of gems for depression has even been suggested by many alternative medicine practitioners.

These powerful stones are unlike ordinary rocks and they help in treating mental agony that could be caused by many things. The various gem stones to fight depression could be worn as charming jewelry or within an electronic application, or even submerged in oil, ointments or medication. There are many online and offline resources that enable access to the various gem stones to fight depression. Gemstones have been part and parcel of the art of healing depression since ancient times. In the orient, the medicine men recognized the powerful force present in gem stones and made several attempts to channel the power into treating depression.

Each stone is associated with a particular level of energy and magnetism. They are a part of recognized alternative medicine techniques. The various gem stones to fight depression have particular powers under specific conditions. Wearing the gem stones anywhere on the body is believed to ward off negative forces and bad auras. The practice has been part and parcel of a number of ancient societies throughout the world. The various gem stones to fight depression are graded according to the kind of powers each one is supposed to have.

Though, in modern times, the belief is that you must wear the gem stones in their pure form,. The use of various gem stones to fight depression is not a new practice even in modern times. Many people are known to access online resources for the supply of a particular gem stone. They are easily available and priced according to their carats. The various gem stones to fight depression are marketed by professionals who know the effect of each on depression. They make their expertise available with the sale of every gem stone. Gem stones make great ornaments. Even if you do not believe in their power over depression, nothing like using them to make you look good! Gems work as a feel good factor this way.
Do not forget your gemstones will need to be cleansed and charged regularly. I like to run pure water over mind and simply set them in the sun for a while.  Some people prefer setting in moon like but I believe for depression it is best to  let the sun bring its energy into the stone to help bright your outlook on life.
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